Faith Fest 2019

By Laura Hedrick

I can’t thank God enough for the wonderful opportunity I had to minister and fellowship at Faith Fest this past weekend! I loved getting to meet so many new friends who were there for the same purpose, to share the love of God and the gospel of Christ. 

During this event, two people accepted Christ as their personal Savior, which absolutely excites my heart. This is why we do what we do. Whether we sing to one person or 100 people, it’s completely worth it. You never know if God might be using you to reach that one lost sheep in spite of the 99 others.

Faith Fest 2019

Serena REE Murray - Artist

It's so much BIGGER than what you SEE!!!





Faith Fest 2019

John Lord - artist

Just got back from Hamilton Ohio.... Faith Fest 2019.... It was great.... People got saved.... people got healed and people enjoyed all the artists.... I'm making a dvd of all the events and music.... let me know if you want one....

Queen City Music Promotions  appeared on FB one day. I decided I wanted to see what they were about. I clicked on Dennise Dittman-Cook and she was singing. Oh my Jesus this lady can really sing. Well I listen to her, then I listen to several others artists on there and wow they just bless my heart. Not knowing anybody, I felt as if I knew  Dennise and Sean. I felt the connection with them. As to move forward, I stay connected with those two.  I fell in love with all the singing and praying and worshipping..that I couldn't hardly wait for the next day to hear all those artists. I could name some that really you can feel the annointing when they 

For me the annointing of some their songs was so strong that I felt it and was worshipping right along with them. A lot of the songs have a lot of meaning to me, as I’ve been in those predicaments. As far as Queen City they are the best out of all the groups that I listen too. Dennise and Sean are some strong Christian people that love the Lord. I would recommend this to any and everybody to listen too.
- Loretta Godard 

Want to say what great singers you guys/gals are. You sing and bring God right into our souls. Thank you so much for enjoying what you do and for making us feel the Lord in so many of your songs. With the world in so much turmoil, it helps us to still be aware of who is really in control...Thank you again for your talented and beautiful voices and for taking the time to share with us......

- Sue Sunberg 

I truly love Queen City Music Promotions. I believe Sean and Dennise Cook have a wonderful Ministry and calling to help artists get their music out there where people can hear it, I know I've discovered several artists and groups in there concert series that I probably would never have known about. I look forward each day to see who is going to be live on Queen City Music Promotions. I love you, and appreciate what you do to bring great gospel music to Facebook 

I absolutely love Gospel music I listen to it all day every day! I would recommend you to everyone needing help to get their music out. 

God bless you!

 -Susan Sadler 

I am enjoying watching your concerts. You have so many talented musicians! It’s wonderful that you can provide such uplifting music during this pandemic time. Keep up the good work!
-Jeanne Griffin