Sean Rumsey Cook


Queen City Music Promotions, CEO and Founder, Sean Rumsey Cook, had a vision and made it a reality in August 2016. No stranger to Gospel music, he spent 12 years touring with some of the biggest names in Contemporary Christian music. 
Witnessing first hand, the struggles that artists face. He started Queen City Music Promotions in hopes to be a "Beacon of Hope"on behalf of artists seeking to share their music ministry with the world. Giving them a platform and many singing opportunities to 
reach the lost and broken, in hopes to bring them closer to Jesus. What makes Queen City Music Promotions different than most, is that
we don't cater to one specific style. We want to bring unity to a world that is so divided. Bringing people together of all walks of life. All for one cause. To bring Christians together to worship. Whether it's Christian Country, Southern Gospel, Traditional Gospel, Urban Gospel, or Contemporary Christian, all are welcome and much appreciated.