Chuck Lewter,

 Harvest, Alabama soul survivor of house fire in 1963, raised by Grandparents in christain home. I remember granny taking me to church standing me on the front pew to sing , she and I also sang sitting on the front porch while neighbors listened. I later joined the choir, I moved on to join a gospel group called The Lighthouse Singers, I later played bass for The Happy Pilgrims.
As I got older moved to Tennessee where I met my wife of 20 years Nancy. We were going to Richland Baptist Church at the time this is where I helped form a group called Richland Quartet in 2005. In 2009, The Lord led me to Elkton Baptist Church where I became music director. In August 2009, I joined The Servants Quartet as lead singer. God blessed me to be able to travel and spread his word through song then late 2018 the group disbanded. In 2019 I didn't feel that God was through with me spreading his word so I started singing on my own.
Nancy and I want to thank the Lord for all the blessings that he has given to us.We are members of Friendship Baptist Church in Culleoka, Tennessee. I feel my purpose in life is to serve my Lord & Savior and take care of my wife. As long as the Lord will let me, I will continue in loving, prasing and spreading his word through song. It doesn't matter how long I sing if I can bring one soul to our Savior, I feel that I have done my job.

The Spiritual Echoes was formed in 1983 as a mixed quartet with Rick’s mother, Delores Moore, being one of the group’s founding members.  By 1993, the group had transitioned into a mixed trio consisting of various members throughout the years;both vocalists and musicians.  The group remained a trio for a short while even after the passing of Rick’s mother in 2014.  In 2016, Rick was challenged by the Lord to pursue an even more diverse course than what he had been accustomed to previously in his music career and embarked on a full-throttled solo adventure.

The Spiritual Echoes have always consisted of live musicians and today, Rick is thoroughly pleased with the Lord’s vision and the new direction TSE has taken.  The Spiritual Echoes now consist of Rick Moore, William C. Hatfield, Jason Rhodes, and James Tiller.  James frequently sings and provides harmony and backup vocals along with Rick.  James is a long-standing member who has had an active role with the group for nearly ten years playing bass and acoustic guitars and plucks the banjo every now and then as well.  

Charles (aka William C.) is a versatile musician who enjoys lending his talents on the mandolin and acoustic and bass guitars as well.  James and Charles often take turns and switch instruments to give a particular song the proper feel and style that it calls for.  These two gentlemen have various playing styles that range from bluegrass, to rock & roll, to country to bluesy-grass (as we like to call it).

Rick is the leader, lead vocalist, and keyboard player for the group.  He manages the schedule for the group and oversees everything to make sure that their time on road is comfortable and enjoyable.  He loves the road life and is extremely thankful for all the friendships and partnerships he’s made over the years with fellow artists, pastors, and church families across the eastern and southern United States where they travel most.    

Jason is the newest member of the group and plays the electronic drums.  We met Jason while playing at his home church in Adelphi, Ohio and we discovered that he had been longing to join a band for quite some time and he discovered that we were longing for a drummer for quite some time. So, voila!  The rest is history.  

These boys enjoy traveling, ministering in song, and meeting people far and wide.  They are weekend warriors on a devoted commission to inspire the lost and encourage fellow Believers in Christ.  Each of them works real, fulltime jobs yet they undeniably make ample time to meet the demands of their busy tour schedule.  They are down-to-earth fellas who love serving Jesus through the talents and desires that He has given to each of them.  They will admit they are not perfect, but they strive to be the best Christians, men and musical artists possible. 

TSE is eager to meet you.  They welcome every opportunity to be a part of your church service or event. They never charge a fee for their concerts but they do encourage a love offering to help cover expenses whenever possible.  They love the Lord and the jobs they have been given to witness and share the urgent message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For booking and scheduling information, they can be reached at (614) 595-9776.  

To view their full schedule visit:

You can also like and follow them on Facebook under The Spiritual Echoes.


Donna Burke

Donna Burke is a Bullitt County Christian/Gospel, National Recording Artist registered with BMI. Her CD, entitled "Songs from the Heart" features all original songs. Donna has recorded 5 other CD projects with previous groups with which she has performed, including Adam's Rib and Face to Face. The latest project, Least of All Me, was recorded just last year with one of her current groups, English Legacy, and the other group, Crimson Chord, will be heading to the studio very soon.
Donna has a sound all her own, but has been compared to Allison Krauss, Dolly Parton and Enya, all 3 being some of her favorite performers.

Donna would dearly love to have a full time ministry, but until that happens, her vocation is in financial services as a Registered Representative with Transamerica and co-owner of Burke Heating & Cooling with her husband.

Donna loves ministering locally at nursing homes and is available to sing at weddings, churches, church events, picnics, homecomings, fundraisers and funerals or she can add some harmony for an upcoming project.

Her heart's desire is to use the talent God has given her share the joy she has found in Jesus, as her Lord and Savior, through song and one of her favorite verses can be found on her FB banner, Psalms 30:11-12 You turned my wailing to dancing. You clothed me with joy, that my heart my sing your praises.

You can find Donna's music at

By Faith


Allan Manship 

 I come from a long family heritage of Christians.  My family kept trying to convert me and pray for me to change my life.  In 1992, I had a  family of 6 and was  the sole provider, so things got tough. They knew I needed the Lord’s help.  Finally, after realizing they were right and seeing that I couldn’t do things “my way”, I said to myself “what have I got to lose?”  I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior and my life has never been the same.  I started serving in the music ministry at church by playing the drums.  I had spent years playing in all kinds of establishments, and now it was time to play for the Lord.  I was asked to lead the song service at the church I attended.  God proved to me over and over that He was in control.  Through church I met Nadine Meredith and we started singing together.  Which was a continuance of the former family group called “The Manships.” After several years of singing together our group ended due to the health issues that other group members faced.  I decided to sing on my own, and after a few years I reconnected with Nadine and started the group “By Faith.”  Our group consisted of myself, Nadine Meredith, Jeff Cook, and Brandt Wamsley.  After a short time Jeff and Brandt left the group and we gained Mary Anne Wilson and B.J. Crowder.  Our number one mission is to proclaim the gospel and uplift people through our music, wherever God leads us.   

Mary Anne Wilson 

In 1950, I was born a coal miners daughter in Jonesville, Va.  I was the youngest of 7 children. My Daddy loved music and instilled that love in me.  I would follow him every chance I could and we would sing.  I sang my first “special” in church at the age of 4.  We moved to Indiana in 1960 and I accepted Christ as my Savior at age 11.  It was about this time that my voice began changing and I realized that a soprano I was not.  Since I didn’t know how to sing anything else, I stopped trying to sing.   

I married my husband Darrell at the age of 18 and had 4 boys by the age of 25.  It was during those years with a houseful of babies that God became very real to me.  I joined the church choir even though I couldn’t sing.  I believe God had a hand in placing me beside a woman with the most beautiful alto voice I have ever heard.  Her voice soared out over everyone in the church and I learned to follow her. God has always spoken to me through music and it is gospel music that soothes my soul.  I continued to sing throughout the years with individuals and on Praise and Worship teams.  I feel that God has given me the desires of my heart by allowing me the opportunity of singing with “By Faith” here in my senior years. 

We receive such a blessing when we see God moving in people’s hearts as we sing.  That is why we do what we do.  Without His anointing we are nothing.  We don’t consider ourselves to be performers but instead desire to lift up Jesus and thereby edify and encourage His children.  In doing so with hope to help grow His Kingdom. 

Nadine Meredith 

My name is Nadine Meredith and at the age of 18, I gave my heart to Jesus.  Nine months pregnant with my son, I realized that it wasn’t just me anymore.  I was responsible for the soul of another human being.  We attended church as much as possible, because I just couldn’t get enough of God’s word.  While attending church I was surrounded by very talented musicians and vocalists.  God placed the right people in my life to encourage me to start singing.  I’m not sure why God would have chosen me to do this ministry, as I was afraid to get up in front of people and never know what to say.  I am so glad He chose me!  I feel very honored that He would choose someone like me.  I currently reside in Southern Indiana with my husband and two children.  My husband Tony, runs the sound for “By Faith.”  I am fortunate that my children have the same love for Chrisitan music as I do.  I can’t wait to see where God takes them in this life.  

B.J. Crowder 

I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 13 years old. At the time, I was singing all kinds of music, never feeling fulfilled. After much prayer, I decided to use my voice for God at the age of 14. Since then, I have been involved with quite a few groups. I was the lead singer and manager for Earthlight, the musical ambassadors for Oakland City University. After moving back home, I joined the Crossroads Quartet out of Bedford, Indiana. I have opened for many professional groups such as the Isaacs, Legacy Five, The Hoppers, The Perrys and more. After the original member of the Crossroads retired, the rest of us carried on as Living Grace. Family illness caused that group to disband. After years of singing solo, God intervened and opened the door for By Faith to become a part of my ministry. For the past two years, I have been singing with my By Faith family. I enjoy it more and more all the time. I am humbled and honored to be a servant for His glory. I couldn’t do any of this without a supportive family. Aimie Crowder is my wife of almost 21 years. We have a beautiful son, Braydon, who is 14. We also have two foster daughters, ages 4 and 5, that we have been raising for the last three years. With God’s help, we hope to finalize the adoption this summer. Now I feel as though I have two ministries, singing for God and teaching my children to trust Him. I will never turn down a door that God opens for me. My family is so excited to see where our ministry leads us next.


Steve Miller, from Fort Worth Texas. I am music director at the Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Kennedale Texas. I have been singing gospel music since I was three years old. I am 51 years old now. I sang with my mom and dad ( Stanley and Linda Miller ) we were called “The Singing Miller Family” We sang together for many years until my dad passed away back in July of 2006, he had a wonderful voice. I miss my dad. We kept the group and the ministry going and mom and I sang as a duet, we changed our name to “Two Hearts.” I would also sing as a soloist. I loved singing with my mom, she was the best. My mother was the best piano player, she won the SGMA Of Texas 2009 Musician Of The Year Award, and I won the 2008 SGMA Promoter of The Year.  I was very proud of my mom and dad. I have sang as a soloist also for many years while I was singing with my family. 

Then later on my mom started having Health issues. In October of 2019 I had to put mom in a Nursing Home, she had Dementia and then it turned into Alzheimer’s. It progressed very fast and my mom went home to be with the Lord on her Birthday January 31st 2020.  I was with mom when she passed away, I sang to her and prayed with her then she went home to be with my dad in heaven. I miss them both very much.  I know they are in a better place and one day I will see them again and I will be able to sing with them again forever.
I have a Concert Ministry. I have been pursuing for over 25 Years.  I bring in groups, trios, duets and soloists from all over The United States. They come on a ~Love Offering Only~ basis. My concert Ministry is Faith Based Only. Its all about HIM not about me. I give God all the Glory.  The Concert Ministry started back on April 1st 1994. At the Oakdale Baptist Church in Mansfield Texas.  I have been singing Gospel music almost all my life. I Love singing for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is all about seeing people won to the Kingdom Of God.
That is my hearts desire, to sing for HIM any chance I get; by singing in churches , nursing homes, Oprys , concerts , revival meetings, outdoor events, and now Facebook Live Stream anyway to get God’s word out in song.  I thank God for the opportunity  and I also think Dennise and Sean Cook and Queen City Music Promotions for the Ministry opportunity to sing on their program. May God Bless This Great Ministry and I am looking forward to working with Queen City Music Promotions.

May God Bless Everyone!
Your Friend,
Gospel Hearts Ministries
Steve Miller 

Willa Wittekind


My name is Willa Wittekind, I am originally from Knoxville,Tennessee. I was born September 10th 1980 to Katherine Thomas Hall and Donald Keith Hall , at the University Of Tennessee Hospital. I grew up singing to the radio and I have been singing since I was 5yrs old. I have an older sister Aimee Hall Roderick who has been my support as well as God and my parents. I moved to Sevierville , Tennessee when I was 9 years old and started singing in talent shows in school in 5th grade throughout high school. I one first place my senior year in a talent show with an original song I sang accapella intitled “Bright light shining”. It was my freshman year I realized my calling and it was then at 14yrs old God gave me a dream I was singing a song onstage talking about Angels watching over us and God spoke to me and told me He wanted me writing songs for Him. It was then I realized Jesus was calling me to spread the gospel message through testimony and song. I started writing songs at 14yrs old I joined the choir in Highschool with Peg Brasfield Welch as my teacher. She taught me so much throughout all my highschool years. She believed in me soooo much.Sadly we lost her In December of 2019 to Cancer. I had Peg Brasfield Welch and so many other teachers in my life my six grade teacher Mr. Dill and my eighth grade teacher Mr. Jim Bradley ,Mr. Dennis Chambers who supported me and pushed me to reach my full potential for Jesus.I continue to reach toward that goal. My father was my teacher and biggest supporter. We wrote songs and sang together. Those are some of the best memories of my life. I accepted Christ in my heart at 21 yrs old and I have been singing for Christ ever since. I was a member of the Country Gospel Music Association in 2005 and I sang in a group for 6 years called Lifeline with my good friends Tammy and Dustin Greene. I really felt the Lord calling me to step out and sing solo and share my ministry with others. I auditioned for for” The Voice “and “America’s Got Talent “in the hopes to reach the world with my ministry and spread The gospel message.God has continued to open many doors for me and I will continue to spread God’s Word through song and testimony wherever I go.