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Chuck is an incredible talent. Not only does he have an amazing voice, Chuck is a sincere man of God. His humble and down to earth personality makes him even more special to us.”He doesn’t realize how wonderful he really is”, says Cook. We are so honored that he shares his ministry with us and that he is a featured prominent figure at Queen City! He is truly a blessing from God. Chuck is an anointed singer, and overall remarkable man with a great testimony! We are excited to showcase him every night and bring him into your homes to worship with him. Chuck has won the hearts of many and his humble and down to earth nature has made him even more captivating and easy to love! Chuck has been nominated for "Best Vocalist Overall" for the North America Music Awards that will take place in Columbus, Ohio July 8, 2022


You can also contact Chuck to purchase his cd "Greater Is He"

at (931) 446-3923 and

To read more about Chuck and learn more about this wonderful artist, please read his bio below.


Chuck was born and raised in Harvest, Alabama, a soul survivor of a house fire in 1963, raised by His grandparents in a Christian home. He now resides in Culleoka, (Hollywood) Tennessee.
When he was about five years of age, his grandmother started him out singing on the front pew of the church that was beside the house where he lived, they also sang sitting on the front porch while neighbors listened.

He later joined the choir, he moved on to join a gospel group called The Gospel Lighthouse Singers. He later played bass for The Happy Pilgrims.

As he got older, he moved to Tennessee where he met his wife of 21 years, Nancy. While attending Richland Baptist Church he helped form a group called Richland Quartet in 2005.

In 2009, The Lord led him to Elkton Baptist Church where he became music director. In August 2009, he joined The Servants Quartet as lead singer.

They won vocal group of the year for 3 years in a row. God blessed him to be able to travel and spread his word through song then late 2018 thegroup disbanded.

In 2019, He didn't feel that God was through with him spreading his word so he started singing on his own as a solo artist.

He and his wife Nancy, want to thank the Lord for all the blessings that he has given to them. They are also proud doggy parents to a cute little pup named “Gus”  You can see Gus sing with Chuck on his LIVE broadcasts.

They are members of Friendship Baptist Church in Culleoka, Tennessee. Where he is now the music director. His purpose in life is to serve his Lord & Savior and take care of his wife. As long as the Lord will let him, He will continue loving, and praising and spreading His word through song. Chuck said!

"It doesn't matter how long I sing if I can bring one soul to our Savior,

I feel that I have done my job."


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